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Palm Trees
Our launch site is located at the palm-fringed river mouth.

Paddling Couple
The calm waters of the Wailua River make for a comfortable paddle.

Wailua River View
Numerous archeological sites line the historic Wailua River, including ancient he'iaus (shrine).

The Ford Group
Make a real group adventure out of your visit to Kauai.

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The Wailua region on the East coast of Kauai is saturated with great hiking trails, water sports, and other activities making it a choice base camp for your entire trip. The two forks of the Wailua River join and cut a deep gorge through Kalepa Ridge to the South, and Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant) to the North, before flowing into the Pacific Ocean. The adventure map below locates historic sites in the Wailua River Valley.

Sleeping Giant Mountain Coconut Coast Bamboo leaves
Fern Grotto Hoolalaea Falls Kayak Wailua Head Stone
Wailua Falls Petroglyph HAVE FUN!

1 The Wailua River is one of the most scenic waterways on Earth. The calm, peaceful river blissfully winds through a tropical garden abundant with palms, ferns, flowers, and endemic birdlife.
The profile of Sleeping Giant is one of the most photographed mountains on Kauai. Some of the best views of the island can be seen from an easy 45 minute hike to reach the summit. Early morning hikers can sometimes catch a glimpse of Oahu 110 miles towards the rising sun.
Kamokila Hawaiian Village is a cultural village depicting the mores of a Hawaiian civilization which has long since passed. Tucked away deep in a lush valley you will feel like you are roaming through 17th century Hawaii.
The legendary Fern Grotto is a favorite site for weddings. The world famous grotto reverberates with mystical echoes of the kanaka maoli (full-blooded Hawaiian) ancestry.
Uluwehi Falls means Manifest Destiny. Many Polynesian cultures believed that destiny could only be changed by standing in the presence of this magical waterfall.
Wailua Falls is the world famous "Fantasy Island Waterfalls". Contrary to common opinion, it is not accessible by kayak. However, you can drive your rental car right to the top of the falls. A steep but short trail will lead you to the base where swimming is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Our guides can describe this free trip for you.

Your camera and/or camcorder can capture rainbows, tropical bird life, rainforests resembling Peruvian jungles, mango groves and beckoning pools of crystal clear, sparkling water framed by ferns hanging from a 100 foot waterfall. Here is a garden paradise found nowhere else in Hawaii.

We are now located 200 feet directly inland from the Wailua Shell Food Mart (our former location). Turn inland on Haleilio Road and you will see our sign at 4565 Haleilio Road on your left.

We then transport you in our new van across the river to the Wailua River Marina... about a two minute drive. The kayaks are outfitted and launched for you. Attach your dry bag and nylon cooler to your kayak and off you go with your guide. (Both dry bag & cooler are included). Couples usually kayak in a double. We also are the only outfitter on Kauai who offers an adult sized triple. We provide life jackets for all ages and sizes. Wearing them is up to you.

Our friendly experienced guides all know the river from top to bottom. They all love their job and are always eager to share the history, legends, and interesting stories about the Wailua River Valley. They can identity for you all of the flora and fauna that you encounter along the way. The guides have an abundance of information regarding hiking trails, camping spots, great local restaurants, and other popular outdoor activities. They also know the best night spots. There is plenty of time spent at Secret Falls to learn about the Garden Island. The paddle upstream to the island where the kayaks are secured is about 45 minutes. You carry your dry bag and cooler the short 25 minute walk/hike to Secret Falls. The king's pool at the base of the falls is a great place to swim and cool off. Few places in the world are better for enjoying a "b.y.o." (bring our own) picnic lunch and photo taking after a refreshing swim. After languishing in paradise and soaking up nature, we begin the trip back to civilization.

A typical round trip averages 4 1/2 hours including paddling, hiking, swimming, and picnicking. We do have occasional rains, especially during the Winter months. Our tours are seldom canceled unless the rain is heavy and sustained. Light rains are always welcome while paddling. After returning to the Marina, we shuttle you back to your rental car. This activity is fun for all ages. Most of our kayakers are 1st timers.

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